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simple swing Joe Davidson – President
Simple Golf

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To see a free video about Symple Chipping please click on http://simplegolf.com/blog/free-chipping-video/ Check out that video and you can become a great chipper is under an hour.


Simple Swing is a revolutionary new golf swing. It is the longest, most accurate and most consistent golf swing ever! Plus it’s the easiest to learn. That’s a big claim but we stand behind with free support (HelpDesk, phone and video support) to make sure you are successful.  Of course we also have a money back guarantee to eliminate the risk to you.


Simple Golf has re-engineered the simple swing literally from the ground up to be a simpler, yet much more efficient and effective golf swing. Simple Swing is easy to learn yet it is the longest, most accurate most consistent golf swing ever. It can be learned 5 to 10 times faster than any other swing. Symple Swing is the easiest and quickest way for an ordinary golfer to become an extraordinary golfer.

We break our simple golf swing system down into four easy to learning modules.
Part 1 is Simple Chipping (It’s free just click here now!)
Part 2 is the Simple Swing Short Game,
Part 3 is Simple Swing, the amazing new golf swing that is longer, more accurate and more consistent than any other swing. Symple Swing is the next generation golf swing that was designed specifically for ordinary golfers (mid-handicappers, high handicappers and senior golfers)
Part 4 is Simple Putting an easy to learn new putting method that turns bad putters into good putters in less than 1 hour.

Simple Swing is the fastest way to a much more enjoyable golf game. The Simple Golf system  has reduced the number of skills you have to master to play good golf. This makes Simple Swing much quicker and easier to learn than any other golf swing. That means you can really start enjoying the satisfaction of hitting great golf shots much sooner. Simple Swing includes a simplified short game that can give you a really good short game in just one day. It’s helpful to learn the Simple Swing Short Game first because that makes mastering the Simple Swing full swing even quicker and easier. The Simple Golf System also includes a simplified putting system that is deadly accurate.


Simple Swing is modern golf swing. Even the traditional golf swing is changing. The old leg drive swing of Johnny Miller’s era with a reverse C back position is dying. Even top level tour pros are simplifying their swing doing things like shortening their back swings and quieting their lower bodies these days Tour pros have learned that keeping the lower body quiet increase accuracy and consistency. Every year tour pros are moving closer to the less complicated movement of the Symple Power Swing.


Golf has been a game of the elite (financially and athletically) because only the fortunate can afford to spend thousands of hours and thousands of dollars learning the game of golf. Most of us can’t afford that kind of expenditure of time or money. Most really good golfers have had to spend decades getting their game in shape. Many great athletes from other sports have been humbled by the game of golf.


Simple Swing is a modern, simplified golf swing. By that I mean that Symple Swing uses the fewer muscles and the muscles that are moving are moving in a simplified motion. Yes all swings are “swinging the same golf club” but there are complicated ways of doing that and there are very simple ways of doing that.

The  old fashioned traditional golf swing involved shifting all your weight from one leg to the other and back again while rotating many parts or your body requiring a high level of coordination and timing. The simplified swing method moves many of those motions into set-up or address pre-sets reducing the number of body parts actually moving during the swing. That means many movements that required precise coordination during the old fashion swing are now done at set up in the simplified swing so much less coordination or timing is needed.

Every week when you watch TV you can see the evolution toward the modern golf swing.  Most of the tour pros are using much less lower body motion (quieter lower body). They are also using less wrist roll over through impact keeping the club face squarer though impact for a longer time.


The PowerSet Stance and the PowerThumb components of Symple Swing make is easy to keep your club on-plane during your whole backswing and downswing. Symple Swing is the only Square to the Swing Plane swing. “Square to the Swing Plane™” means a one plane swing where the club face stays square to the swing plane on the backswing and the downswing. No more do you have to open the club face on the backswing and then try to perfectly time the squaring up of the club face through impact.

In fact, our range and swing analyzer testing shows that shot dispersion patterns shrink by 50% because of the Square to the Swing Plane swing. That mean instead of going 30 yards to the right or 30 yards to the left your shot will only go 15 yards to the right and 15 yards to the left. That means a lot more balls in the short grass and a lot more fun.

Square to the Swing Plane is what makes Simple Swing less complicated and easier to do than other golf swings. In fact, Symple Swing is the easiest way to make a simple one plane swing. No more will the ball surprise you and suddenly go sailing off into the woods almost with a mind of it’s own.


We break our simple golf system down into four easy to learning modules.

Part 1. Simple Putting
Part 2. Simplified chipping
Part 3. Simple Swing Short Game. (pitching, lob shots & sand shots)
Part 4. Simple Swing (full swing)


Symple Swing gives the ordinary golfer a much higher likelihood of success. It does that by having fewer moving parts and simpler motions. That means there are fewer things to possibly screw-up in your golf swing.  When you screw-up fewer things you have more success (and more fun).  With so many fewer things to go wrong that means you will have a much higher percentage of good golf shots.

Yes you will still have some bad shot but when you do have a bad shot even regular golfer can quickly correct figure out what went wrong with the shot. When you’re confident you know what you did wrong and your realize it’s not to hard to correct that mistake golf suddenly becomes a lot more enjoyable. Yes you can still have a bad shot but you know if you do you’ll bounce right back with a good shot. That means one bad shot doesn’t turn into a bad hole or a bad round.

What the average golfer needs is a swing that is reliable, efficient, has great distance and is very accurate but doesn’t require hours of practice to keep it working well. That is what Symple Swing is.


If you want a swing exactly like Tiger’s and your willing to work 5 plus hours a day for a couple of decades and have world class eye hand coordination then don’t bother with Symple Swing just get your checkbook and call Hank Haney.

If you don’t like step by step instructions, personalized support and you prefer working with pros who teach only by showing you how good they are then don’t bother with Symple Swing.

If you enjoy frustration then just keep on doing what you’re doing. If you think golf should be work not fun then don’t bother with Symple Swing.

If you’re worried about trying Symple Swing because some current PGA tour player don’t use it, that fine, don’t bother with it. (Current tour players have invested decades of effort into their swings. Unless they suffer some type of swing crisis they are highly unlikely to try anything new that involves more that a small change to their current swing.)  Symple Swing is not a swing for current PGA Tour players but we do have every expectation that it will be the swing of future PGA tour players. Already we see some elements of Symple Swing being adopted by tour players.

If you want to look just like Freddie Couples or Ernie Els then go copy their swings but make sure you have your orthopedist on retainer.


  • Anyone who wants to have a good solid golf swing and doesn’t want to spend decades and tens of thousands of dollars finally getting a golf game they can be proud of.
  • Anyone who wants to learn to play good golf in the least amount of time possible.
  • Anyone who has struggled with learning the old fashioned golf swing.
  • Anyone who thinks golf is too complicated.
  • Anyone who loves the game but just wants a simpler more consistent golf swing.
  • Anyone who wants more distance.
  • Anyone who wants more accuracy.
  • Anyone who just plain wants to enjoy golf more.


If you’re not willing to try something new you shouldn’t try Symple Swing. Some people want dramatic improvement in their game but they don’t want to change anything about that way they swing the club. If you want to change you game for the better you have to make some small changes with grip and stance. With Symple Swing we’re not talking about a process that takes years or very months. It may only take hours but more likely days or weeks to master Symple Swing. How long it takes depends on how organized you are in your learning process and “how much swing baggage” you’re currently carrying.

Symple Swing is not so much a new way of swinging as it is a simpler way of doing the physical moves necessary to swing a club with speed and a square club face through impact. In short it’s a simpler way of making a really good golf swing. We use the bigger muscle of the body more efficiently and we require less timing or coordination for repeating good swings.

If you think you know everything in golf then you don’t need us.


There are three things necessary to become a really good golfer using the “traditional swing” or “old fashioned golf swing”
1.    You have to have top level athletic skills. If you don’t have top level athletic skills you chance of successfully playing good golf are very, very small. Two thirds of the “regular people” who try golf fail and drop out of golf completely within three years. (Source: PGA Business of Golf Forum).

2.    You must be willing to spend many years (probably decades) practicing the game.
Look at the tour players. Many of them had fathers who worked or were members of golf courses and they spent most of their youth around the golf course. Look at the best golfers you know. Most of them spend decades around golf courses. Most of them played and practiced 5 or 6 hours a day for decades. That has been what was necessary to play good golf.

3.    You mush have a good bit of money to spend on the game.
Spending a lot of time on the golf course has been necessary to have a good golf came and that almost always costs a lot of money. That’s why golf is sill predominately a game of the elite. The few poor kids that succeeded at golf generally got jobs at a golf course (think Lee Trevino, etc.) so they could spend their time on the course

The old fashioned golf swing is one of the big reasons that little has changed in the golf world in the past 100 years. Yes you can play golf without one (maybe two) of the things above but you won’t play well. You’ll likely be play at level that does not give you anywhere near the “golf satisfaction” levels that good players get out of the game of golf.


Symple Swing is much faster to learn that other golf swings. With Symple Swing even beginning golf students experience lots of success. Symple Swing uses the same basic swing motion from chipping right through the driver. Our instruction starts by learning the “foundation move”. This foundation move is basic chipping motion and it’s also the initial motion of all the other swings. So by learning Symple Chipping your learning the beginning motions of all the other golf shots. Once you’ve learned that simple motion you’ve learned most of Symple Swing.

With Symple Swing there is “less to learn” to become a good golfer. Because we use the same basic motion in chipping, pitching, sand shots, lob shots, short irons, mid-irons, long irons, hybrids, woods and with the driver there is less to learn. You don’t have to learn a special swing with each type of club.


Symple Swing can be mastered five to ten times faster than other golf swings. Because of its reduced learning time it’s much easier to become a lower handicap player.


We are not some internet marketers trying to get rich quick on selling some golf tips. (You’d be surprised how many golf programs on the internet are like that!) Both Joe Davidson and Mike O’Leary have been teaching golf for many decades. Both of us have degrees in teaching and are experienced coaches. We fully understand all the different ways people learn and we appreciate how hard it is to learn a new physical skill. We know that very few people can be shown a complex physical skill once or twice and then master it.


Symple Swing is easier to do therefore it requires less maintenance. Once you learn Symple Swing, it is the swing you will stay with for life. Yes, you’ll look at other swings but when you compare them to Symple Swing it will be easy to the the advantages of Symple Swing.


Simple Golf’s initial research began by studying the strengths and weaknesses of the traditional golf swing including the newer variations like Stack and Tilt. We also researched all of the major alternative swing methods including Natural Golf (including Graves and the other single axis variations); Heard Super Swing, Austin, Blake and others. As one new Simple Golfer Scott H., from Brooklyn, OH says “I had picked up Natural Golf 5 years ago (it was ok) – then I switched to the Heard Super Swing (which was actually pretty good for me!) I needed better accuracy – and the Symple Swing rocks! – very repeatable – Excellent!!!”

We also studied all the more traditional versions of the single plane swing as described by Jim Hardy .  Symple Swing is the easiest to learn “single plane golf swing” or “one plane golf swing” because our PowerThumb grip and set up makes easier keep the club “on plane” during the whole backswing and downswing.

We also studied the swings of many long drive champions. Symple Swing has some elements similar to the long drive swings and some alternative swings but it is a completely new swing with some exclusive elements that makes it easy to generate more swing speed and eliminate slicing.


Symple Swing PowerThumb keeps your clubhead square on the backswing and the downswing right through impact.


The exact definition of “Good Golf” is different for each person. For the corporate golfer it means playing “well enough” to feel comfortable playing in corporate outings even it they hang the clubs up for the rest of the year. For the once a week golfer it means going out and being able to win a couple of bucks from your buddies. Whatever you’re goal is we’ll help you get there.


If you have summers off and can live at the country club then you probably have can successfully learn to play decent traditional golf. It does take a few hours (sometimes days) to master Symple Swing but it’s 5 to 10 times quicker to learn than any other golf swing.


Simple Golf is unlike most of the other golf web companies your see with all the slick advertising and unbelievable come on offers all over the internet. Simple Swing was developed to change the way golf is played. We offer the best guarantee in golf and we provide the best support in golf. We can afford to offer this support at an extremely low cost because Simple Swing requires much less support than any other golf swing. Other golf companies with their more complex swings would go crazy (or broke) trying to offer the superior level of support we provide.

Simple Swing enables the “average golfer” to make improvements that would be impossible with any other golf swing. High handicappers, mid handicappers and beginners can now make progress in days that they have been struggling to do for years with the traditional golf swing.

Unique – help for the average golfer- we’re the only only that can do . . . for you. We’re the only ones dedicated to making all of golf more fun for the average golfer.

Simple Swing is a dynamic athletic swing.


We also tell you the “why” of everything we teach. Many golf instructors don’t really understand the why of what they teach. Go ahead and ask a golf instruction “why” they teach something they way they do. If you get and any at all they’ll tell you because “That’s the way you need to do it.” The reality is that they teach it a certain way because that’s the way it was taught to them.

Do a section on the physics of the golf swing.

When I give the price I need to give examples of success and show how this will be more valuable than any new clubs. How it will save more every month in golf balls that it costs.


Simple Swing breaks things down so you know exactly where you should be at each part of the swing. On the backswing we give you easier monitored checkpoints to make sure you are on-plane during your backswing. We give you checkpoints to make sure you’re on-plane on your backswing and downswing.


Studies have shown that 40% to 60% of amateur golfers suffer some form of injury during their golfing careers with the predominate injury being back injury. We use a compact backswing that results in less torque on the back yet there is “no significant difference” in club head velocity at impact with the old fashioned long swing. We’ve helped lot sof golfers get back on the course that were going to give up the game. Now we do realize that every back condition is different. Feel free to give us a call at 203-794-4900 to discuss how Simple Swing will work with your particular back condition.


Simple Swing has fewer moving body parts and the movements that are made are much simpler. The re-engineering of Simple Swing reduced the number of variables in the golf swing. Fewer variables mean fewer things to go wrong. Because there is less to learn that means you can learn a good golf swing much quicker. It also make teaching Simple Swing much easier than any of the old fashioned golf swings.


No other golf company can offer world class personalized support like we do. We can only do it because Simple Swing requires so much less support than other golf swings. As easy as Simple Swing is we fully realize that some people will struggle at least for a while as they “unlearn some of the bad habits” of old golf swings.

BTW, you can purchase the Simple Swing DVD’s here http://simplegolf.com/order_page3.htm. The main Simple Golf page is here http://simplegolf.com/

If you have any questions at all about Simple Swing just ask.  Please submit the questions through our Simple Golf helpdesk system at http://www.SimpleGolf.com/helpdesk That’s actually the quickest way to ask a question and get a  prompt response because everything is tracked. We get so much e-mail (most of it spam) that sometimes we can miss an e-mail but that doesn’t happen with the helpdesk. You can also call us directly at 203-794-4900. I do love to talk about Simple Swing.

simple swing Joe Davidson – President
Simple Golf

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  1. Lloyd Stewart says

    Hi Joe

    I have for the passed 5 to 6 years trying to make my swing a sinle plain swing. I first saw Moe Norman it balls and then Natural Golf claimed the swing was the same. I tryed it and had enough improvement there was something to it. I could hit strait shots but lost distance.
    I then begain make my own changes which improved my distance with drivers and woods but my iron shots remained strait but no distance.
    I saw your add on the internet and from just looking and reading it took what I saw out to the driving rang and was surprise at what happened so I ordered that night.
    I now have been working at it for over a week and seem to be going backwords. The driver and woods not to bad but not as reliable and irons are terrable. I really want this swing to work for me but I am worred I am stuck at this leval of golf forever.


    • says

      Hi Lloyd,

      Don’t worry we’re here to help.

      When you have personal swing questions you should submit those questions through our Simple Golf helpdesk system at http://www.SimpleGolf.com/helpdesk That’s actually the quickest way to ask a question about your swing and get a prompt personal response because everything is tracked. I get so much e-mail (most of it spam) that sometimes I can miss an e-mail but that doesn’t happen with the helpdesk. You can also call me directly at 203-794-4900.

      Give me a little more info about your swing through the helpdesk and I’ll be happy to help you out. Also I’d be happy to review a video of your swing. If you have access to a digital still camera take some video clips of your swing and e-mail them to me. Tape a couple of swings from behind the ball (facing the target) and from the other side of the ball (facing you) If you have a video camera and you can get the file into a computer you can send large files to me by using http://www.pando.com or YouSendIt.com. You can also upload small or medium sized files by using our http://simplegolf.com/helpdesk/

      Joe Davidson
      Simple Golf LLC

  2. neilsharp says

    afternoon to you. is it possible to show us how to properly hit the irons to make good straight shots? like where are we supposed to aim at hitting the ball and where different clubs are to be used.

  3. tennisinstr says

    Anyone struggling with swing plane problems should focus on the ” Swing Tracks Drill.” I use the drill every day and my swing has improved tremendously. Joe thinks he has been harping on its use, but I don’t think he emphasizes the drill enough. In my opinion, the Swing Tracks Drill is the most effective drill I have ever used. When done correctly, all of your swing plane issues should be resolved.

  4. Crumbacher says

    I have developed a problem that comes & goes but it’s rolling my hands clockwise at impact instead of rolling them counterclockwise. I was told that’s called undercutting. Usually it only happens with my driver or lob wedge. It produces a weak shot that slices severely. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Chuck

  5. John E. Nelson says

    Tried info on some of your clips and liked it I am know a past Super swing. Looking forward to receiving my dvd order

    • says

      Hi John,

      Symple Swing does have some similarities to the Heard Super Swing. However it’s has a good number of improvements over the Super Swing. The Super Swing was one of the swings we benchmarked against during development.

      Joe Davidson
      Simple Golf

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